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These courses are designed to assist Electrical trades and professionals who work in the Food Processing, Grain Handling, CSG/LNG, Coal, and petrochemical industries who encounter Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas during the course of their work.

For our next EEHA training course, please enquire now about the limited spots that are available for this course.



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EEHA Training:

Our next EEHA training course will run from the 12th of November, please enquire now for this course.

This course is standard for those required to undertake safe working practices in Explosive environments and Hazardous Areas, examples:

  • Coal mines

  • Grain Handling

  • Gas plants (LNG/CSG)

  • Food Processing

  • Petrochemical Industries

The course and is intended for Electricians and Electrical Engineers to understand their requirements in hazardous area classification, explosion-protection techniques, equipment installation requirements, inspections and procedures for breakdowns and maintenance. Ex and HA theory and practical are covered with an emphasis on inspection and testing.

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