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About Us

About Us


Have you asked yourself what do we get from health initiatives, safety systems or training programs? 

Based in Newcastle, NSW


The federal government has recognised the necessity to be practicable; steps that can actually be put into practice, steps that are achievable for a safer workplace. 

Understanding about keeping things simple is our first step to engagement. 

National Safety Services provides solutions, support and opportunity for organisations to establish positive and sustainable work, health and safety practices that benefit everyone. 

Combining training that is relevant to saving your employees lives is essential to crossing the barriers many have to incorporating safety into their lives.

Successful solutions are achieved through aligning work health and safety obligations with your objectives. Ensuring that our services are tailored to deliver outcomes for your organisation, we provide flexible services and products to suit businesses of all sizes and capabilities. 

National Safety Services is registered Training Organisation - RTO Number 45092. We provide a large range of Nationally Accredited training. Training, Health and Safety is developed to provide our clients with the positive safety results we are all committed to achieving. With 10 years as a WHS professional and a lifetime of risk mitigation we bring a combined experience through workplace and academic experience. 

As the owner of National Safety Services I care about outcomes. 

Shane Wallace Grad. Cert. OHS (UON),Owner NSS