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Welcome to the Blog page. Here, you can access information about our company, the monthly report and some blog articles written about the industry for your knowledge.

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National Safety Services Blog


Welcome to our Blog page. Here, you can read a mix of company reports, new training course releases and blogs about the industry. Scroll through and enjoy.


January Report

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Welcome to the New Year!

The past month feels like it’s been a mash of heat, work and play. Now, we’re getting back into our routine and working pretty hard (It’s only taken 31 days).

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For those who don’t really know much about National Safety Services, we like to explain who we are simply with; we provide solutions, support & opportunity for organisations to establish positive & sustainable work, health and safety practices that benefits everyone.

National Safety Services is registered Training Organisation - RTO Number 45092.

Monthly Report

In the 31 days of January, we taught 23 classes on different quality training courses including; Working at Heights, Asbestos Removal & Awareness, Low Voltage Rescue CPR, EEHA, First Aid and Confined Space.

On our website, you can view the wide range of training courses we have on scope.

The classes have been going well over the past month and the students have been leaving their training days fully competent in their area of work. We are always striving to train them to their best of their ability to deliver qualified workers back to their company.

We love feedback!

We would love to get your feedback so we can share it and let others know about your experience. If you’d like to give us feedback, please send us an email or write a review on our Google business page.

Below are a couple of reviews on our Facebook Page
Hayden Metcalf reviewed National Safety Services — 5 stars
“National Safety Services have a great workspace, classroom and lunchroom. The trainer showed us heaps of examples and even drew detailed diagrams on the whiteboard to help us understand better. I am glad I came here for my training.”

Daniel Storey reviewed National Safety Services — 5 stars
“Great Customer service, they have always helped me out with the services I require. Definitely worth recommending! Thanks again.”

Report From Our Trainer

Conventional wisdom suggests that trainers should always serve as teachers, passing along lessons from their years on the job. We know learning can be a two-way street where the trainer actually becomes the student.

This month saw a learning for us at NSS from one of our students with a new method of storage and transport of asbestos. Student input assists the support, mentoring and training of NSS staff to facilitate the communication development of the students.  This often takes the form of classroom participation, sharing ideas and trouble-shooting with other trainers to continuously improve learning outcomes.

Sami Cooke