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Welcome to our Blog page. Here, you can read a mix of company reports, new training course releases and blogs about the industry. Scroll through and enjoy.


How to Correctly Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are the non-flammable blankets that can be used to extinguish a fire. These blankets are recommended for small fires, being able to withstand up to 420 degrees Celsius. They work by not allowing any oxygen in to create fuel for the fire.

If a small fire breaks out, this blanket can be released from it’s bag by pulling on the two black tabs at the base of it’s creasing.

When using a fire blanket, roll the corners of it around your hands to ensure that you don’t get burnt before covering the flames with it for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

It is important that you never reuse a blanket. Once used, soak it in water and dispose of it.

This video supplied by explains in detail how to correctly use a fire blanket.

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Sami Cooke